Neo Geo X maker Tommo accuses SNK of "bullying"

The company behind the Neo Geo X retro console has accused SNK of bullying” retailers.

Back in October SNK suddenly terminated its licensing agreement with Tommo and demanded that it stop manufacturing, distributing, marketing and selling the Neo Geo X, citing breach of contract.

The following day Tommo fought back, denying that any breach of contract had taken place and insisting the business as usual would continue.

Now Tommo has released a statement accusing SNK of foul play, warning that it will fight its corner through the courts if necessary. It has also told retailers that they are free to continue selling the product.

The agreement between Tommo and SNK provides specific mechanisms to resolve issues the parties may have with each other; the agreement does not allow SNK to unilaterally pull-the-plug on the rights conferred,” Tommo CEO Jonathan Wan claimed.

Unfortunately, SNK has both failed and refused to use a single contractual remedy to resolve whatever differences exist in this matter, refused our numerous requests to discuss any issues at hand and refuses to consider any good faith proposals we have put forth, instead they are trying to bully US retailers with scare tactics.

Their threats and accusations have harmed the Neo Geo X product marketing efforts, sales channels, and have cost Tommo significant financial losses.”

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