Ouya team responds to early hardware criticisms

Problems with Ouya units sent out to early backers will be eased come the official launch in June, the company has insisted.

A review of one of the first available Ouya units on The Verge was full of criticism, highlighting hardware quality issues, the UI, the game installation process, the in-app purchases mechanism and current software selection.

Engadget, meanwhile, found issues with ill-fitting controller faceplates, sticky analogue sticks, controller lag and software discoverability.

Ouya has hit back, however, saying that these reviews were based on early backer units and not consoles designed for media review. So, good enough for early supporters but not the press?

It promises that the gripes will all be ironed out by the time the console is officially released in June and that these early units had been sent out "to test our eco-system and fine-tune the experience".

"We will be making Ouya review units available in early to mid-May so that you are able to review the more complete consumer experience and prepare your coverage in time for the June 4th retail launch," a statement from Ouya sent out on Friday night to a mix of press it met with during GDC.

"To clarify for you – Ouya has sent no review units out to press. Any reviews you have seen online are a result from individuals who received early backer units from supporting our Kickstarter."

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