PS4s pre-loaded with PT being removed from eBay

Auction site eBay is removing listings for PS4s that have Konami’s now-gone horror demo PT installed on their hard drive.

Konami late last month announced plans to remove the demo from PSN following its announcement of the cancellation of the game on which it was based – Guillermo del Torro’s Silent Hills.

The move is almost certainly linked to the company’s still mysterious falling out with Metal Gear creator and Silent Hills co-designer Hideo Kojima.

Following the game’s removal from PSN, those who had previously downloaded the demo and thus had it linked to their account were still able to download it even if it had been deleted from their console. Now that it no longer the case.

As a result auctions for PS4s that had the game installed started to appear on eBay. Kotaku reports that these have now also been pulled, however.

It’s not entirely clear what policy such listings could be breaching, although it is consistent with previous behaviour – the site last year removed listings for iPhones that had the then-deleted Flappy Bird pre-installed.

The site goes on to speculate that the decision might be linked to eBay’s recommendation that all personal data be wiped from digital devices prior to their resale.

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