Robot Cache: Epic Games Store ‘validates our strategy’

Robot Cache announced today its second wave of publisher support, with 1C Publishing, Bigben Interactive, CI Games and Devolver Digital, among others, adding their names to a list already including 505 Games, Paradox Interactive, THQ Nordic, Versus Evil, and more.

For those of you who haven’t been following, Robot Cache is a soon-to-be-launched PC distribution platform that relies on blockchain technology. 

The new storefront will give publishers and developers a much bigger margin – 95 per cent on all new game sales – and allow customers to resale their digital games (with publishers benefitting from that second-hand market as well). You can read our Gamescom interview with CEO Lee Jacobson to learn more about how it works.

Epic announcing its own store just as Robot Cache winds up for its early access launch (in the first half of 2019) could have disrupted the company’s plans. But Jacobson says it’s quite the opposite.

“We think it validates our strategy! Clearly, it’s time for disruption and this is when free markets are at their finest,” he now tells MCV. “We have gamers saying ‘wait there’s got to be a better way’ and we’ve got developers saying ‘wait this isn’t really fair’. 

"Competition breeds better solutions and it couldn’t be a better time to bring one to market. And we’re going a few steps further with resell and gamification, which are super unique to us, which means we’re well positioned to be a destination that consumers favour.”

And right now, with many triple-A publishers leaving Steam and none signed up to Epic as of yet, Robot Cache could potentially attract the top tier.

“We do and we’re bullish on our future,” Jacobson continues. “When we talk to publishers, developers, consumers, the media, everyone gets what we’re doing immediately. The light bulb goes on and people get excited about all the prospects of this new technology because it’s such a natural fit to solve a long wanted, yet-to-be-solved problem: Digital games collecting digital dust. 

"That coupled with the fact that we’re also disrupting the economics – Robot Cache only ever takes 5 per cent – makes it attractive for all parties involved. We’re announcing that 22 publishers and developers are onboard but there are many more in the works.”

Publishers and developers can already register on Robot Cache via its brand new Partner Portal, launched today. Jacobson admits that the portal is “similar to other offerings,” but he adds that the team has “gone to great lengths to make it as user friendly and simple as possible.” 

He continues: “Where its different is that we’ve given developers more control over their products and how they sell them; we’re letting developers be in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing their own businesses.”

Giving more control to developers within the store aligns well with Robot Cache shaping up to be a great place for indies to sell their games.

“Many factors help indies succeed on Robot Cache. First it takes only 5 per cent which means the developers are retaining so much more to reinvest in their games and business,” Jacobson says. “Equally as important is discoverability… From our social-based commerce promotions to native ad slots, to a heavy emphasis on game art and trailers to merchandising, the possibilities are endless.”

With the new wave of publishers support being announced there will be over 700 games available on Robot Cache when it launches next year. Here’s the full list of publishers revealed today:

  • 1C Publishing
  • Bigben Interactive
  • CI Games
  • Dankie,
  • Devolver Digital
  • Headup
  • Hyperkinetic Studios
  • Imgn.Pro
  • Libredia
  • Playdius Games/Plug In Digital
  • Revival Productions
  • Running with Scissors

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