Safe In Our World will hold another Press Pause fundraiser this October

The games industry mental health charity Safe In Our World will hold another fundraising event at the end of October. 

The second of the now-annual Press Pause charity fundraisers will take place between October 27 – 31, 2023, and is hoping to beat last year’s milestone of £10,000 in funds raised. This year’s event will be sponsored by Elgato, who will provide prizes for the first 20 fundraisers to reach £500, as well as match funds raised for the charity up to a value of £10,000.

Safe In Our World will also offer rewards for those that hit big goals, including custom-made Press Pause Game Boys for those that raise at least £1,000 in donations. 

“We are both excited and extremely proud to support Press Pause 2023. Mental health is such a hugely important aspect of everyone’s lives, and we’re glad that great organisations and charities like Safe In Our World are championing the cause and raising awareness,” said Tom Hildreth, senior partnerships manager at Elgato.

“Through campaigns like this, we hope more people will realise they aren’t alone and the emotions they are dealing with are normal, not something to be ashamed of or feel the need to hide. So, please consider joining us to raise some money and awareness on the topic and even get some goodies to upgrade your stream while doing it.”

“At Safe In Our World, we embrace using games to escape when we need to, as they provide a healthy outlet for processing difficult emotions, even if it’s on a subconscious level,” added Rosie Taylor, content and community manager at Safe In Our World. 

“This is why we’re encouraging streamers and creators to get involved and help us promote the benefits of gaming for mental wellbeing while raising money for and awareness of the value of mental health support for our community.”

Those that wish to take part in the fundraising, or would like to donate, can do so over on the event’s Tiltify page.

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