Sony blocks PSJailbreak

Sony has issued a downloadable patch on PSN that stops controversial homebrew enabler PSJailbreak from working.

After applying firmware update 3.42 any PSJailbreak device connected to a PS3 will no longer function correctly.

PS3 brand manager Mark Bowles said on the PlayStation Blog: A patch has been added to address security vulnerability in the system software.

In order to download PS3 system software version 3.42, you will need a minimum 168MB of free space on the PS3 HDD.”

The report on picked up by Kotaku claims that this security update specifically prevents PSJailbreak from working, and those who do not download the latest update will be unable to access PSN.

PSJailbreak is a device that connects to the PS3’s USB port and allows users to play homebrew and pirated code on the console.

Sony managed to ban the device from being sold in Australia last week.

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