Sony says Hello Games is still working to improve No Man’s Sky

Development of No Man’s Sky continues, with Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Shawn Layden becoming one of the few to provide official post-launch comment on the game.

Speaking on Live with YouTube Gaming, the executive VP and COO of Sony’s gaming arm said: Hello Games, Sean Murry and his team, had an incredible vision for what they were going to create. Something never done before and a very small team had a very huge ambition. They’re still working at it, still updating it. They’re trying to get it closer to what their vision was.”

Layden was then pressed on what lessons had been learnt from the launch, which despite early strong sales has certainly gone on to become quite infamous.

We don’t want to stifle ambition, we don’t want to stifle creativity, we don’t want to put people into slots where they must execute against an action adventure path or a fighting path or a shooting path and perhaps over time it will reveal itself to be all that it can be,” he added.

No-one in development wants to say that they can’t do a thing, right? No-one wants to tell someone no, I can’t do that for you. People really try. Looking at different industries I’ve had the privilege of working in, the games industry is where everyone has the courage to say yes. They want to try and realise their ambition, they want to try and make that vision.

No-one slinks away from a huge challenge and sometimes you just don’t get all the way there the first go.”

You can see the whole interview here:

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