Spintires returns to Steam with bug fix

Troubled mud sim Spintires is once again available on Steam, complete with a fix for the title’s controversial bug.

First we apologize again for the recent issue causing crashing of spintires and the delay in resolving this,” Oovee said. We are pleased to say we have now released a fix for the recent crash onto Steam.

In the next few days we will release a full and frank statement regarding the cause of the problem and how we plan to avoid this happening again, as well as details of the next update we have been working on since the start of 2016 which we plan to start testing next week.”

Oovee adds that those who had downloaded and installed the fan-made fix for the game’s ‘timebomb’ problem need to remove it from their system for the updated game to work.

It was claimed last week that Spintires creator Pavel Zagrebennyjhad inserted a ‘timebomb’ bug into existing copies of the gameover a pay dispute with publisher Oovee, casuing it to crash for existing owners.

However, both Zagrebennyj and Oovee strongly denied these claims.

We believe we have now identified the problem and are now testing at this very moment a hot fix provided by Pavel, who is also ready to help further if needed,” Oovee said."We’re fully focused now on making the game work properly again, so please allow us to get this sorted first and we’ll then be able to explain what has caused this and then carry on with future updates we have planned.”

Zagrebelnyy himself addedthat a fix should already be in place, although he did take a moment to have another swipe at his former partner:

There is in fact a time-related bug (a self-check uses time functions to see if game wasn’t cracked by pirates) which was not fixed in time (because we have little to no communicating with Oovee),” he insisted. The bug was fixed a day ago and should be uploaded to Steam – I don’t know what actually prevents Oovee from going with it now.

It’s true, they violated our contract from day one basically and still owe me lots of money. What makes it worse is that they don’t ever comment on that if I ask if they plan to resolve the issue anyhow. I was compensated but not in full. But I would never do something that would affect the gamers! In fact I do my best to make sure the game only brings joy to whoever plays it.”

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