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YAHAHA is a new digital creation platform where users can build their own virtual worlds, social experiences and games. Headquartered in Finland and founded by a team of Unity veterans, YAHAHA has a team of almost 100 people. In 2020 it secured an incredible investment of $50million, before going on to develop its unique user-generated content (UGC) platform, which launched in Early Alpha this month.

YAHAHA’s trailblazing app is open to experienced creators, from indie game developers to those in the modding and UGC community. These early digital pioneers have a key role to play in the development of YAHAHA, by testing the platform and influencing the shape it takes. Not only that, YAHAHA has launched a Community Feedback Bounty Challenge, which offers rewards of up to $500 to Early Alpha users in return for sharing their feedback and being active on the platform.

What is YAHAHA?

In YAHAHA, users can build their own content as part of an interlinked universe of fun social experiences, creating games and experiences for other users to enjoy. Creatives can dive straight in and design something unique, such as games and social environments, or kick back and socialise with friends.

When players browse games from the Community, the experience is quick and smooth, using an asset streaming solution on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Multiplayer gameplay is also immediately available with YAHAHA. Developers can forget about issues relating to servers and clients, as anything that is made in YAHAHA will instantly support multiplayer gameplay. 

YAHAHA supports Lua, with scripts provided to allow experienced creators to build unique and exciting gameplay actions and customise more logic, allowing for procedural, object-oriented, functional programming. With YAHAHA’s Studio tool, users can build content, games and worlds using thousands of free assets from the YAHAHA Assets Library.  In the future, creators will also be able to upload and monetise their own assets and logic components.

In the Early Alpha period, users can access the Scene and Terrain Editors. The Scene Editor can be used to manipulate and edit game objects, while the Terrain Editor can be used to create realistic landscapes. This means developers can build their own worlds freely, in a way that works best for them. After creating content, users will be able to save and publish it. This will send their creation to the YAHAHA cross-platform app, that is available for mobile and PC platforms.

The YAHAHA mobile application is where players enjoy the contents created by the Yahaha Community and meet each other. The app is a 3D-empowered mobile native application, developed with the technical solution of embedding Unity runtime in Flutter as both are development-efficient and multi-platform. Flutter is a powerful framework that ensures experience consistency in multi-platform applications. The use of Flutter improves engineering efficiency significantly. To leverage its power, YAHAHA uses Unity as a Library (UAAL), which means it can load/activate/unload the Unity runtime library in the mobile application. This allows players to view and play in 3D scenes rendered on part of the screen or full-screen.

How to sign up to YAHAHA

YAHAHA’s first early access programme is now open for developers, anyone with an interest in UGC platform and development can sign up for exclusive access to YAHAHA. 

Click the banner below to join YAHAHA now and be in with a chance to win a cash reward!

Community feedback is incredibly important to YAHAHA, and will help make it the best UGC social platform ever. Early access users can take part in the Community Feedback Bounty Challenge, which will see Bounty Hunters be rewarded based on the unique bugs and suggestions reported. Each week YAHAHA will announce the Top five Bounty Hunters, rewarding $400 to its most active member of the community, with additional prizes of $200 for second and third, and $100 for fourth and fifth. There will also be a special $100 prize given to the most supportive creators. Join the YAHAHA Discord channel to find out more, and to be a part of the growing community.

Follow OfficialYAHAHA on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest news about the platform.

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