System 3 hails revitalised racing genre

A wealth of great new racing IP will help usher in a new era for the racing genre.

That’s according to System 3 CEO Mark Cale, whose upcoming racer Supercar Challenge is due to hit shelves later this week.

I believe that we have the best handling model yet on a game,” he told MCV.

We are taking the racing genre very seriously, we do believe there is a strong comeback for racing games.

It is the most popular genre after first person shooters, and nothing can touch the FPS in terms of sales and what consumers want.

There’s been a turn-around for racers. A lot of good racing games are coming through now, and this is re-igniting the genre. People feel there is a step forward in technology and there’s a lot on offer.”

Supercar Challenge is exclusive to PS3 and launches alongside the slimmer model, which is certain to aid the game’s sales. And Cale feels that the PS3 price-cut was a necessary move for Sony.

I think a price reduction, regardless of a new look, will benefit PS3 sales,” he said.

I feel the cut has been long-overdue. Everyone has been asking for a price-cut all over the world as there’s just not enough users out there to justify long-term support for the platform.”

Supercar Challenge was released last Friday on PS3.

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