Ten cars and five tracks included in free PS+ DriveClub edition; 1080p/30fps confirmed

Evolution Studios has detailed exactly what gamers will get in the free version of DriveClub that will be available to PlayStation Plus subscribers.

The PS Plus Edition of the game will be available on the same day as the full release," game director Paul Rustchynsky said on the PlayStation Blog. "Offering a selection of cars and tracks from the complete version, we think it’s the perfect way for those new to the genre to get an idea of what the full Driveclub experience is all about.

It’s hardly a demo because you get access to all of the game’s features online and offline. The difference is that you only have ten cars and you can only race in one country (which gives you access to five tracks with 11 distinct variants).”

Rustchynsky also elaborated on the reasons why having missed the PS4 launch last November the game will now arrive on October 10th – almost 11 months later than originally planned.

I know we have been quiet for a while since we made the decision to delay the game. We wanted to make sure we got one important feature right,” he added.

The dynamic menu is key to how much fun you’re going to get out of the game because it is the glue that connects you to everyone else in the DriveClub community. Whenever you fire up the game; between every race you play, and when you log in to Driveclub on your phone or tablet, the dynamic menu has to be slick to ensure your experience is seamlessly connected.”

In a separate interview on VG247 Rustchynsky also confirmed that the game will run at 1080p and 30 frames per second.

[Striving for 60FPS] was something that we stated as an early target to ourselves [but] as we’ve got more familiar with the hardware, and also, looking at what we wanted from the game, we decided that 1080p, 30fps is absolutely the best thing, because what that allows us to do is to deliver the most detailed cars in-race that you will ever have seen,” he said.

It’s allowed us to create some of the biggest tracks you will ever see in a racing game, with the most visually-dense environments, as well as a full global illumination system which allows us to make time of day, where shadows are cast, full-on reflections. It’s allowed us to push all those various areas.”

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