The Sun lets rip at Wii U

There are people out there who have accused The Sun of having an anti-Nintendo agenda. Why on earth could that be?

Well, today’s astonishing story – Will you be picking up a Wii U? Here’s five reasons not to” – might give you an idea.

(As might this fabulous 3DS piece, and the follow-up).

It’s not clear why The Sun has chosen this angle. After all, reports over the weekend from some retailers suggest that early stock allocations have already been snapped up some two and a half months before launch.

Having professed to have been underwhelmed with his E3 hands-on, the author goes on to list the reasons why Nintendo’s upcoming machine should be avoided – it’ll be out of date within a year, Vita-PS3 functionality, mobile gaming, its design and of course the RRP which the paper describes as dramatically over-priced”.

I don’t think any new console has ever not drawn comments about its starting price, but we’re talking about serious money here,” the piece states. Over 200 for just the console, with games likely to cost around 40 a time on top.

Not to mention the 100 an additional GamePad would incur, while old Wii-style numchucks [sic] would cost 40.

It’s money that could be saved for the next Xbox or PlayStation because, let’s face it, they’re not going to come cheap, either. Every console comes down in price, so we shouldn’t linger on the Wii U’s starting position for too long. But all the signs point to a fairly swift price reduction post-Christmas – especially after E3 2013 next June, when at least one, if not two, superior competitors will be unveiled.”

Numchucks. Heh.

MCV would urge readers to largely dismiss The Sun’s puzzling article. Nintendo, however, will be keen to ensure that the story doesn’t set a precedent for ongoing national coverage of the Wii U.

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