The used games/used cars argument

It’s an argument often trotted out whenever anyone attacks the pre-owned market – "You don’t see Toyota demanding a cut from the sale of a second hand Corolla."

But Kaos Studios, the developer behind THQ’s upcoming shooter Homefront, says that the video games market can’t be considered under the same light.

In fact, studio boss David Votypka goes as far to say that the introduction of magnetising schemes such as the Online Pass – a model that is being supported by Homefront – are vital for the future of online console gaming.

"I was thinking about it from the ‘used car salesman’ angle earlier and it’s tough to argue [against] that side of it," he told CVG.

"I think digital media is a little different, however, and one of the things that takes Homefront even more down that path is our dedicated servers. It’s expensive to run those, we want to supply them for the best experience and if a lot of the sales are going just to distributors and not to the publisher that doesn’t help us to support the community.

"That’s one good example of why I think it’s important for the publisher and developer to get some of the revenue for the product they’re putting out there."

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