Tom Clancy’s The Division celebrates second birthday with 20m player milestone

The Division has celebrated its second birthday with a player milestone: over 20m players have now ventured into snowy infected New York, on the coldest, longest, winter of all.

The Division has gone through something of a renaissance since the introduction of the game’s 1.4 update last year, with players flocking back to the game. The first year of the game was full of complaints about hackers, exploits and a flat end-game, but Ubisoft has taken to tackling these issues with aplomb, and interest in the game seems to be at a high.

It’s a similar story with Ubisoft’s other Tom Clancy game, Rainbow Six Siege, which is surging towards 30m unique players in a similar time-frame. For Ubisoft, live games are becoming a very profitable part of the business.

Ubisoft have said that around 500,000 of the 20m players have spent over 400 hours in game. They also took the chance to highlight one particular PS4 player, who they say has completed 7,768 waves in the horde style Resistance mode, which Ubisoft say averages at 100 waves a day. This blog post also announces several new limited time events, drops for those watching the game on Twitch, and more. 

It seems the Division is still going strong, with regular timed events and a fairly committed player-base even if it has slipped away from being part of the games conversation in recent months. As this writer is one of the 500,000 who poured over 400 hours into the title back around launch time, it’s interesting to see that the game is still ploughing on, and seems to be keeping players enthused. 

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