Treyarch: MOH controversy was unfair

Speaking of the media furore that has greeted EA’s Medal of Honor, the head of Call of Duty developer Treyarch has said that the treatment violent video games receive at the hands of the media is unjust.

We cover the Cold War era [in Black Ops] and there are definitely some controversial topics in there,” he told MCV. But I look at it as creating a piece of entertainment and we are strong advocates of creative freedom.

Our game is entirely fiction-based – we’re not doing a historical recreation. We do our research and create that setting so you can immerse yourself in it but that’s just a backdrop for our narrative.

Our story weaves itself around all kinds of controversial historical periods, but there have been many books and movies that do that, so to single out games in that way seems unfair.”

To read Lamia’a full interview with MCV, click here.

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