Ubisoft delays Haze, confirms new Prince of Persia

Ubisoft has announced that forthcoming shooter Haze has been delayed until fiscal 2008-2009, having originally been scheduled to appear during the fourth quarter of 2007-08.

The publisher has raised its 2008-09 sales target to approximately €1 billion, compared with the previously-announced forecast of around €975 million, in order to take into account the game’s delay.

The current PS3 exclusive title (though the publisher has not ruled out the possibility that it will appear on PC and Xbox 360) offers four way cooperative play, with a plot that sees the population dependant on a drug called Nector.

Ubisoft has also confirmed the release of new a new Prince of Persia title to be released in the 2008-2009 fiscal year, following the news that the property is to be developed into a motion picture.

Meanwhile, rumours that Splinter Cell: Conviction would be released on PS3 as well as 360 and PC, and that it would arrive on April 1st have been dispelled by the publisher, telling videogamer.com it is to arrive 2008-2009 as planned. The game is not coming out on PS3 nor is it coming out on April 1. We’re sticking to the original announcement", said a spokesperson.

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