UK kids spend 12 days in front of screens throughout the summer hols

The summer holidays are nearly over – parents rejoice! – but how much time have your kids spent gaming this summer?

Creative toy company Galt questioned 2,000 British parents and concluded that the average UK school child will spend 143 hours and 36 minutes this holiday either playing games, watching TV or playing on smartphones.

That equates to 12 days out of the 42 in a normal summer break and three hours and 11 minutes every day.

With regard to video games specifically, the results suggested that kids spend an average of eight hours and 26 minutes gaming each and every week.

It also found that one in eight kids owns an iPad (!) and that the average child has gadgets in their room representing a total value of 581.

Our routines are so often shaped by what is convenient and easy and screen technology, while enabling to develop certain abilities,doesn’talways encourage positive social interaction for children,” Galt MD John McDonnell stated.

It is really worrying that so much of children’s holiday timeis probablyspent staring at a screen this summer.”

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