UKIE: Industry must drop the ‘Woe is me’ attitude

As part of the special unveiling for the association-formerly-known-as-ELSPA’s new ethos and brand identity, director general Michael Rawlinson told MCV that it’s time UK looked beyond tax breaks in its relations with government.

Instead, new organisation UKIE said the trade must find positive ways to underline that the games industry is still a global, commercial, games superpower.

Given the political environment at the moment we are not going to get those tax breaks in the short term,” said Rawlinson.

"That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to build the case for them – tax breaks would be very valuable to the industry and support new IP and help grow new and existing companies if they ever made it into the Budget.

But they aren’t coming. So what do we do? Keep saying ‘Woe is us’? Or do we stop and realise the great things we have made in the past, look at the exciting things that we are making now and leading the world on?

Look at the great cutting edge things in games UK companies have been responsible for. Playfish, Moshi Monsters, LittleBigPlanet, the work Peter Molyneux is doing at Microsoft Game Studios with Kinect, and Sony with SingStar, Move and EyePet… I could go on and on. The UK is not a follower, it’s a leader – we make markets. That’s something the whole industry needs to drive home to international businesses, and something UKIE will shout about.”

He added: The point is that the UK in this industry is a great place to do business. And our job as a trade association representing the industry is to provide a platform in which all kinds of companies can do good business. We want to help the next Playfish and the next Moshi Monsters emerge and help further prove what a great country to make games this is.

"Our job as UKIE is to create an environment that attracts overseas corporations to come here and invest, and likewise help UK companies stand on the global stage. The UK is not second rate – we are the premier league. Listen up: great talent, great people, great games.”

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