VaultN aims to bring digital distribution “into the 21st Century”

A new digital supply chain management platform called VaultN intends to change things up in the digital product distribution space by allowing developers, publishers, and retailers to track and manage their digital product keys instantly in real-time.

The software intends to replace the random spreadsheets that often house thousands of dollars worth of product keys, using a patent-pending open-API to securely transfer digital goods throughout the games industry. 

The VaultN software includes a ‘Digital Warehouse’, automated pricing tools, real-time product information pages and inventory, sales, and margin calculations, networking capabilities and other automation features. 


“It’s 2022, yet the games industry is still using the same physical supply chains it used back when CDs, cartridges, and floppy discs were the order of the day,” said Julian Migura, co-founder of VaultN. “Sticking by these old methods costs the industry 15% of global sales. That’s $5bn each year on PC games alone with people having to tally up multiple documents and entirely different software systems just to present the simplest of data, tracking a game code from creation through to sale. 

“VaultN is designed to act as an auto-ledger that reports exactly what happens when it happens, and one that’s impossible to cheat. Developers and publishers can track exactly where their product is, and who owns it, at the press of a button.”

VaultN has already been working with a number of unnamed publishers and retailers in the games industry, with partnerships with household names soon to be announced. 

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