Wii U Virtual Console not compatible with older saves

Save game data for games downloaded from the Wii’s Virtual Console will not be compatible with the upcoming Wii U versions.

Nintendo announced last week that the upcoming Wii U Virtual Console will offer updated versions of previous titles that will offer off-TV GamePad support. That’s not a function available to existing VC titles.

There’s a catch, though – players who have already paid to download games from the Wii version of Virtual Console will have to pay a small additional fee (between $1 and $1.50 in the US) to download the updated Wii U versions.

Players can instead of course choose instead to directly copy their old VC titles from their Wiis (providing they still have access to them), although they will have to live without GamePad support.

The platform holder has now confirmed to Kotaku that any redownloaded titles from the Wii U VC will not be compatible with save game data from older versions.

To date only NES and SNES titles have been confirmed for the Wii U VC, although other platforms are planned to follow in the future.

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