Windows 10 update accused of uninstalling programs without permission

Some users have claimed that the most recent update to Windows 10 has uninstalled certain programs from their systems without asking for permission.

VentureBeat reports that two programs used by gamers are among those affected – CPU-Z and AMD’s Catalyst Control Centre. The former is a processor monitor that allows those who are overclocking or tweaking their CPU to keep an eye on its performance. CCC, meanwhile, in a fundamental part of managing AMD graphic card usage.

It seems that the pair are among a number of programs identified by Windows 10 systems carrying the latest update as being responsible for system instability and crashing. The result is that the OS automatically yanks them from a user’s system.

The Windows 10 T&Cs outline Microsoft’s right to remove software from a system for a whole range of reasons, but users remain annoyed that such action can be taken without notice. Fortunately in most cases it seems that a simple reinstallation sorts the problem.

The Microsoft Services Agreement allows Microsoft to change or discontinue certain apps or content where we deem your security is at risk,” a Microsoft spokesperson previously said. Software that is pirated or botted places the safety and security of our customers at risk, including a higher risk of malware, fraud, public exposure of personal information, and poor performance or feature malfunction.

We remain committed to protecting our customers from the risks of non-genuine software and protecting the intellectual property of developers of all types of content.”

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