Women in Games has released a second edition of The Guide: Building A Fair Playing Field

Women in Games has published the Second Edition of The Guide: Building A Fair Playing Field.

The update to the book which was first released in 2018 features nearly 150 pages, and contains new information, inspiration, resources, first-hand accounts, showcases and other useful, well researched content from the last four years. It is written by Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman and Women in Games Education & Research Consultant Sharon Tolaini-Sage, and should be useful for those working in video games that would like to further advance and engage with the ideas of gender equality and wider diversity and inclusion.

Women continue to remain underrepresented in games, and regular controversies continue to show there is a need for change, both in the games industry and in the attitudes of consumers purchasing gaming content. According to Women in Games, The Guide intends to address these sadly persistent issues and highlight the role of leadership in better achieving fairness and how it can encourage and enable change in the community, as well as showcasing some positive initiatives that are already hard at work. 

“The world has changed since the 2018 publication of the first Women in Games Guide. Covid-19 and its continuing aftermath has brought uncertainties, but this has also brought huge opportunities for driving positive change. Global working practices, and particularly the games industries themselves, are being transformed, and this Guide sets out to bring new impetus for gender equality and fairness.” said co-author and Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman. 

“The Guide is part of our aligned efforts to take actions in support of the UN’s SDG’s, particularly number 5, Gender Equality. And integral to a larger portfolio of work within our 5 spaces of action: Industry, Education, Policy Community and Culture. This supports our mission to create new platforms, pathways and synergies that bring together agents of change, advocates, men and boys, champions, experts, grass-roots organisations and others, for new dialogues focused on shared solutions towards fairness and equality for all. This is a moment when integrating practical steps in every area to bring about gender equality is not just fair, it is achievable.”

The Guide: Building A Fair Playing Field is currently available only in written English, but will soon be translated into other languages and turned into both an audio book and a podcast. If you’d like to read it for yourself, then you can find it available to download for free on the Women in Games website.

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