Xbox 360 storms past 7m sales in Europe

Microsoft has told MCV that Xbox 360 has cruised past seven million sales in Europe.

The firm told MCV this week that the combination of Xbox 360’s September price cut and blanket Q4 marketing had seen the console’s unit sales accelerate across EMEA.

The company last released a European sales figure for Xbox 360 in June, when it told MCV that it had shifted five million units in EMEA.

Now that number has grown by two million – having been greatly affected by September’s price reduction, which saw the 360 Arcade SKU reduced to just 129.99 (€179.99).

VP of strategic marketing for Xbox in EMEA David Gosen told MCV:

We’re in a position now where we’ve sold over seven million consoles in EMEA, which puts us in a fantastic place versus PlayStation 3.

It’s the combination of elements that put us in a fantastically strong position. We have 360 degrees of entertainment. At the moment, momentum is fantastic, we’ve got real traction in all European markets.

When you look at what we’ve got coming, just in the next three or four weeks, that gives us the confidence that this will be the best ever Christmas in the history of Xbox.

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