Product not withdrawn; source code available for free to developers

AI.implant clarifies licence-free tool deal

After we revealed previously that the company was no longer providing its AI tool for future commercial games, Engenuity has clarified its stance on offering the tool for free going forward.

The company is now offering the complete source-code to authorised PS3 and Xbox 360 developers through a one-time, no cost agreement – in exchange for marketing exposure relating to future titles developed with AI.implant.

The solution is also extremely extendable thanks to the provision of the source code, giving developers a cost-effective way of getting their AI technology started.

“Our production demands are constantly evolving, and we’re thrilled that Engenuity has developed an innovative licensing program that answers our development needs,” said Brian Leake, vice president of technology for Sierra Entertainment.

“The program enables us to leverage years of investment by Engenuity yet continue to create advanced, customized technology solutions to differentiate our games.

"AI is a key component in the future of video games and several Sierra Entertainment titles are helping push the use of AI to the next level.”

Engenuity has taken the stance of offering this licence deal due to a shift to focusing on simulation-based and military applications after the company’s acquisition by CAE.

“With the growing demand for specific AI functionality in the simulation market, and our recent acquisition by CAE, we will be focusing our attention on developing our AI offering for simulation-based applications,” said Robert Kopersiewich, vice president of product management and business development at Engenuity.

“Given our seven years of development in the games community we wanted to ensure that AI.implant’s leadership position in this market would continue. Thus, we are proud to be the first AI middleware solution provider to introduce an adaptable licensing program that addresses the real technical needs of in-house AI middleware integration, as well as removing the financial barriers to owning such cutting-edge technology.

“We look forward to seeing the gaming community continue to explore new frontiers with AI.implant.”

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