Antstream Arcade moves to include indie and homebrew titles in streaming line-up

Not content with offering an ever-increasing abundance of retro games (1200 and counting), Antstream Arcade is in the process of rolling out new homebrew and retro-styled indie games as part of the streaming service.

Recent and upcoming homebrew games in the offing include platformer Millie and Molly (2020, C64), Bug’s Quest for Tapes (2021, Amstrad CPC), Reshoot-R (2019, Amiga), Flea (2020, PC/NES/Dreamcast) and the celebrated 2018 Mega Drive game Tanglewood, which is supposedly still destined for Nintendo Switch. None of the games will of course need original hardware, with their authors earning a per-play revenue share.

As well as complete new retro games, Antstream is hoping to attract indie develops that are looking to have their games tested by users of the game streaming service. One of those already on board is Sascha Reuter, who is behind Project Neon for the Neo Geo: “Developing a game for a classic console is not an easy feat. Having the game being put through its paces by real-world players, before you start producing and shipping a truckload of cartridges, can easily grow into an even bigger challenge. By partnering with Antstream though, we were able to organize a global playtesting session, without the hassle and risk usually involved by distributing test version ROMs. If you are developing for any classic system, this is the way forward!”

Of the new initiative Antstream Arcade CEO Steve Cottam said: “At Antstream we’ve been inspired by the current wave of “new-retro” indie games. Developing games for old hardware is a labour of love, and we are thrilled the indie developer community is choosing Antstream’s unique platform and features to reach a rapidly growing international audience of retro and casual gamers. We count ourselves incredibly fortunate to be in a position where our technology directly benefit indie developers, and look forward to helping bring these inspiring games to our fans around the world.”

Late last year Atari put half a million dollars into Antstream Arcade, with a reported $3m “strategic investment” waiting in the wings. The service also appeared on the Epic Game Store.


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