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Back in June 2021 my predecessor promised that DEVELOP/JOBS would become a biannual feature in the magazine and on the site, one that sought to profile the brightest and best studios in the UK and beyond. We’re happy to deliver on the first half of that pledge for 2022, with profiles and personal insight from 12 studios that are all looking for new year talent.

It’s been almost two years since Covid-19 was designated a “public health emergency of international concern and in that time we’ve had to get used to many changes. Perhaps the most impactful has been the imperative to work from home. However, after a summer that saw the majority of the adult UK population double-jabbed, it seemed that we might soon be filing back to our cubicles for good. However, then Delta made way for Omicron and the order to work from home rang out once again.

Could this be part of the “new normal” that Take-Two’s Strauss Zelnick alluded to last issue? A new coronavirus variant every year, one that we have no idea whether it will be more virulent or fatal than the last, forcing us on occasion back into our homes to work? If so, remote working is going to become ever more permanent. That being the case, we have to see it as an opportunity to broaden our horizons, and seek out roles that we’d not have considered in the before-times because they were too distant. That two-hour commute may not become a thing of the past, but that two-hour commute five days a week surely must.

I have been MCV’s editor for just a few weeks. In that time I’ve been to the offices of my employer once. This suits me fine. I live in the wilds of Cheshire, while the office is in central London. Had I been expected to travel south every day of the week, I’m not sure I’d have lasted the month. Hell, I probably wouldn’t even have been interviewed. But this is the way of the world, at least for now. There are precious few benefits of this pandemic, that we should at least make the most of this one. I did by accepting the role that allowed these words to coalesce on this page – and I’m very glad I did. I hope you will be similarly enthused as you check out the following pages.

The DEVELOP/JOBS magazine can be read here for free or via the links below:


Creative Assembly


DPS Games

Lucid Games


Rocksteady Studios

Splash Damage

Sports Interactive

Stainless Games

Sumo Group

Warp Digital


DEVELOP/JOBS will return in the summer


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Prior to taking the editorial helm of MCV/DEVELOP Richie spent 20 years shovelling word-coal into the engines of numerous gaming magazines and websites, many of which are now lost beneath the churning waves of progress. If not already obvious, he is partial to the odd nautical metaphor.

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