Richie Shoemaker is the new editor of MCV/DEVELOP

Joining MCV/DEVELOP from today is its new editor Richie Shoemaker. He has already been put to work on the Nov/Dec issue of the magazine, after which he will apply his considerable experience (and “dubious talents” – his words) towards guiding MCV/DEVELOP through to the next phase of its evolution.

Richie Shoemaker joins Biz Media from Manchester’s BGFG, where he oversaw gaming content for the tech publisher’s flagship site, WePC. Previously he managed content for MY.GAMES, edited gamesTM magazine, and spent nine years partnering with CCP Games on various editorial projects. In addition to PC Zone (where he started his editorial career), he has written for Eurogamer, C&VG, PC Pro, Computer Shopper, PC Gamer, IGN, PCGamesN, Retro Gamer and official Xbox and Dreamcast magazines, to name all but a few.

“I couldn’t be more excited to be taking over the helm of MCV/DEVELOP,” Shoemaker said.”I remember reading the first issues in 1998 as a lowly staff writer, and have seen the publication become an important advocate for gaming across the UK and beyond.” He went on: “I am absolutely committed to building on the work of my predecessors and ensuring that MCV/DEVELOP continues to be a trusted source of information for anyone who works in or alongside the UK gaming industry – as well as a champion for its many diverse contributors.”

Richie Shoemaker takes over the editorship from Seth Barton, who joined MCV in 2016 and recently left to join PlayStation UK.

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