Various international prices increase, others drop following platform maintenance

Apple increases baseline App Store prices

The prices for App Store apps have increased in several countries and gone down in others following a brief period of iTunes Connect down time yesterday.

Prices have gone up in the UK, Mexico and Norway, and down in Japan, Switzerland and Australia according to MacRumours. Apple has said that the changes have been implemented to balance national pricing models outside of the USA.

The price increases at each level in the UK are as follows:

59p is up to 69p
£1.19 up to £1.49
£1.79 up to £1.99
£2.39 up to £2.49
£2.99 remains £2.99
£3.49 up to £3.99
£3.99 up to £4.99
£4.99 up to £5.49
£5.49 up to £5.99
£5.99 up to £6.99
£6.99 up to £7.99
£7.49 up to £8.99
£8.99 up to £10.49
£9.49 up to £10.99

Apple cited old price models like that in Australia, where its customers had to pay as much as a third more than other countries for certain content, as reason for the changes. The App store update will also allow US companies to purchase apps in bulk for the first time.

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