More than 30 vacancies now available at Texas studios

Arkane Austin and Battlecry recruiting for next-gen and free-to-play projects

ZeniMax Media’s two Austin-based studios are currently on the lookout for new recruits to work on their next projects.

The Austin branch of Arkane Studios is best known for its work on last year’s smash hit new IP Dishonored, while BattleCry has yet to announce its first project. 

Both studios have confirmed their next titles will run on the latest version of Crytek’s powerful CryEngine, and Arkane president Raphael Colantonio adds that his team will be working on Xbox One and PS4 games.

"Developing for the next generation of games calls for more resources, and we’re aiming to add even more talent folks to our studio – both in Austin and in Lyon, France," he told Develop. "As we head into development on our next project, growing our teams now makes the most sense for us.

"We are currently looking to add roughly 30 people. We are expanding every department so we are looking to add people to the art, animation, programming and level design teams."

Meanwhile BattleCry president Rich Vogel wants to establish a solid team that can sustain the firm’s unannounced free-to-play title.

"Our studio was established almost a year ago with the goal of developing triple-A online games," he told Develop. "We’re ramping up on development for an unannounced project with a goal to build a tightknit team. 

"We’re currently recruiting designers, artists, animators, programmers, platform engineers, QA and web developers. We are looking for people with experience and passion for making games, people that are driven. We want people who are smart, easy going and who like working in a team environment."

You can find out what jobs are available at ZeniMax’s jobs page.

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