But the EA-owned studio hasnâ??t yet ruled out multiplatform console work

BioWare commits to 360 for Mass Effect 3

Acclaimed Canadian outfit BioWare is already confirming that Mass Effect 3 will be developed for the Xbox 360 – months after studio co-founder Greg Zeschuk said the PS3 is now a “key platform” for the group.

The EA-owned studio has in recent months played down speculation that Mass Effect games will be arriving on Sony’s home console. The recently released Dragon Age: Origins is the first BioWare game to appear on a PlayStation platform since MDK 2 landed on the PS2 in 2001.

But when asked if the third Mass Effect title will be developed for the Xbox 360, the Trilogy’s project director Casey Hudson told GameZone:

“That was always the intention. The Xbox 360 obviously is the one that’s going to run out of time at some point but you create your character and play through an entire trilogy on that platform.”

BioWare has hitherto built its reputation with games for Microsoft’s Windows and Xbox platforms. Titles such as Knights of the Old Republic and Mass Effect have often been praised by Microsoft as a key differentiator between the Xbox and PlayStation game libraries.

Now all signs are pointing to the Xbox 360 as the lead platform for future Mass Effect games. A PS3 trilogy bundle – if ever given the go-ahead – would not be an announcement met with shock.

Mass Effect 2 will be released on Xbox 360 and PC on January 29th in the UK.

BioWare was recently praised as a ‘Top 100’ Canadian company

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