RPG developer discusses life as an EA studio

Bioware: EA’s studio-label model is ‘the right way to do things’

In an interview with bit-tech.net, Mass Effect senior manager Matt Atwood has discussed how the company feels about being owned by EA.

Referring to the fact that Bioware was previously owned by VG Holdings, then helmed by now-EA president John Riccitiello, Atwood said: "The transition is going really well and I can say that completely genuinely.

"John Riccitiello was our CEO for two and a half years at VG Holdings, so we’re very familiar with him and we believe in him. He’s already proving he can do what he said he would too, which was to have studios separated into labels."

"In fact, if you look back then you see that’s what we were doing already at VG Holdings – because John believed in it there too," he continued. "What EA has done with us is say ‘These are the resources we have – take what you want.’ The fans have been sceptical, but our experience has been hugely positive."

Attwood went on to compare the model to the independent film industry, where many of the production houses are owned by bigger studios but operate independently. "That’s what EA is trying to do with studio-labels and it’s the right way to do it really – to have that support from a big company but without losing the personality of the studio. There are wrong ways to do it too, but this is the right way."

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