Character boost enables those who pay to instantly reach level 90

Blizzard adding $60 in-game purchase to World of Warcraft

Blizzard is set to add a new $60 in-game purchase to instantly level up users to level 90, according to a report.

The character boost, as spotted on MMO-Champion during a server maintenance, will be available through the in-game shop.

It is expected to go live after pre-orders open for the latest expansion, Warlords of Draenor. Those who purchase the title before release are being offered an instant level 90 to those who purchase it.

While Blizzard has made it easier for players to level up in World of Warcraft over the years following the release of numerous expansions, including implementing bonus XP. The process of reaching level 90 can still take a month players months to reach however.

The addition of such a large in-game purchase could provide a new revenue stream of sorts for the studio, particularly from newcomers who don’t pre-order Warlords of Draenor or users looking to level up new characters without having to put in the time or resorting to external parties.

During the last few years, subscription numbers for World of Warcraft have been in steady decline, although it recently attracted an extra 200,000 subscribers, bringing numbers up to 7.8 million. Subscriptions currently cost £8.99 per month, excluding discounts for other packages.

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