Bungie outlines Destiny 2 development plans for early 2018 in bid to increase transparency

Bungie is living up to its assertions from late 2017 that it would be increasing transparency with the Destiny 2 community by releasing a long blog post detailing upcoming changes to the game. It opens with a reiterated pledge to readers from game director Christopher Barrett.

“We used to wait to talk about game updates until we were certain we could meet our deadlines to avoid letting players down if we changed our plans,” Barrett writes. “No longer. We’re not just listening, we are doing. Please keep in mind that the further out we make promises, the more they are subject to change.”

The updates listed in the blog post range from short term additions (such as Masterwork armour) arriving as soon as 20th January to things as far out as early spring. The latter consists mostly of updates to the Crucible multiplayer modes, such as the reintroduction of 6v6 PVP. A favourite of many fans of the original Destiny.

There are even some plans that stretch out to autumn 2018, though these are vague bullet points for the time being and only represent a “small sample” of items Bungie is hoping to add in the future.

The blog post ends by letting players know that they will continue to be listened to and spoken to via as many different channels as possible: “Expect to hear more from us via Bungie.net, Twitch, and social media. We’ll be talking to you more directly, and more often, as promised. We want to thank our community for all the passionate and detailed feedback you provide. It’s critical to our ability to continually improve Destiny, so thank you!”

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