Industry unsure on health of living-room devices; mobile and social expected to soar

Console demand will decline, UK studios fear

The British games development sector is in disagreement on the health of console games, new data suggests.

According to a comprehensive survey of more than 80 major UK studios, about a quarter (24%) believe the demand for console games will decline over the next year. As much as 42 per cent, meanwhile, believe that PC games are in regression.

However the issue appears to be a divisive one, with 32 per cent of UK developers expecting an increase in console games business, and 20 per cent expecting an increase for PC games.

While conflicted on these issues, the industry was near unanimous on social and mobile games. Eighty-nine per cent believe said mobile games demand will climb, while 88 per cent claim the interest in casual games will continue to rise.

None of those surveyed thought there was going to be a decreased demand for casual or mobile games.

The results, posted below, show that there has been a tectonic shift across the games business, with new sectors emerging while doubt is placed over established revenue streams.

The data has been collected in a new survey by e-skills – the UK sector skills council for business and information technology.

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