Ideaworks3D's Julian Jones on the future of mobile gaming

Contextually-aware gaming ‘the next walled garden’

Speaking at a mobile gaming roundtable hosted by Nokia, Ideaworks3D vice president of business development Julian Jones addressed the challenges facing those looking to further the sector.

“In terms of contextually aware gaming and applications, it is the next walled garden,” said Jones. “It’s time to break down the boundaries between what is an application and what isn’t. Education of the consumer is the barrier to progress of social gaming – education about adoption, and about how to use the technology. It’s a group responsibility which involves operators, involves developers, and involves publishers.”

In the same roundtable, in which Develop attended for its special feature on the future of mobile gaming, Digital Legends CEO and director general Xavier Carrillo Costa revealed: “I think we need to understand that the very concept of what counts as a game is changing. We would not really consider the idea of, on Facebook, who has the most contacts as a game. I think with social gaming we need to look at something different from the traditional industry and redefine what could be the substance of a game.”

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