Tech upgrade for THQ's military shooter; project due 2014

Crytek UK to build Homefront 2 with CryEngine 3

The Homefront 2 project will be created using Crytek’s cutting-edge game platform, CryEngine 3, the company has told Develop.

Crytek also confirmed that its UK subsidiary studio, based in Nottingham, will lead the project.

Crytek UK is rumoured to be working on TimeSplitters 4. With Homefront 2’s 2014 release date, it is possible the Nottingham group has enough resources for both games.

TimeSplitters 4 has not been officially confirmed.

Earlier, THQ announced it has handed its military shooter property to Crytek, just months after it axed the game’s former developer.

THQ closed New York studio Kaos as part of a global cost-cutting operation. More than 100 jobs were affected. The studio was infamously alleged to have undergone a brutal crunch period to finish up the project.

The first Homefront made an impact at retail, topping the UK charts in its first week, despite disappointing review scores.

Ironically, it was Crytek’s own shooter, Crysis 2, that dislodged Homefront from its top chart position.

Crytek is currently developing a military shooter of its own, called Warface.

It was originally announced that future development on the Homefront series would be handled at its new Montreal studio.

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