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Denki sees “a new dawn” for development


Since opening in 2000, Denki has been focused on smaller game concepts, which served it well for its first title, Denki Blocks, and then when it chose to focus on iTV and mobile. But having learnt some key lessons from the massmarket-focused iTV sector, the company is ready to take on new opportunities.

“The market has suddenly gone from really bad over the past five years to almost like a new d

awn – it’s very encouraging. We’re consciously investing resources in buidling product for new markets we haven’t been into before,” says Colin Anderson, MD. Obvious candidates are areas like Live Arcade and PC casual games.

He adds: “We’ve been constantly refining our processes on interactive TV until such time as there was a market for us to take all this casual experience into. Now we’re just starting to see Xbox Live and the PC online market to get the point – suddenly there’s a business model.

“It’s taken a long time – we’ve been waiting about five years for the market to reach this point. It’s been incredibly slow. Now it’s just fantastic.”

Now, says Anderson, Denki will expand its team of 14 to cope with the reinvigorated demand for casual games and downloads, with the company specifically looking for new ‘architects’, a combined role that oversees a title from cradle to grave (handling its design, production and QA)


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