Gingee aims to enable even first-time coders to build and deploy games to multiple platforms from one dev kit

Free cross-platform mobile dev suite Gingee released

A free mobile development suite has been launched intended to make cross-platform production more accessible for professionals and novices alike.

Gingee aims to simplify the complexity of mobile app development through a drag-and-drop-like interface for developing without coding for iOS, all Android versions and devices, Blackberry and the mobile web. The software’s independent development environment (IDE) then automatically generates programming code.

The Israeli company behind Gingee, who goes by the same name as its product, claims the usability and functionality of this cross-platform development suite reduces app development time by 57 per cent per operating system.

“By developing one code in one pipeline and distributing it simultaneously to all platforms, developers working with Gingee significantly reduce time to market,” reads the company’s statement about the software.

At a weekend hackathon, where most of the participants had never written a line of code, all 11 applications were written using Gingee’s technology.

“We founded Gingee as application developers challenged by the fragmentation of devices, versions and operating systems, looking for a solution for our specific mobile application development pains,” said Gingee CEO and co-founder Roei Livneh,

“Today, we’re excited to help mobile application developers by launching the Gingee cross platform application development solution free.”

As well as providing near-native (~96 per cent) performance by communicating directly with the operating system, its maker says “there is never a need to ‘re-optimise’ an application, regardless of the device or operating system update”, because its proprietary technology analyses relations between objects and maps them uniformly for all operating systems and devices.

Gingee can be download from its official website.

Other cross-platform mobile development solutions include Marmalade and GameMaker, while GameSalad and Game Blocks also use drag-and-drop interfaces.

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