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[From the industry] Memsource partners with Gridly to deliver seamless localization workflow

[This press release was selected and posted by our editorial team due to its relevance, in addition to our normal editorial output]Memsource, the AI-powered translation management system, announced the launch of its joint integration with Gridly, a collaborative headless CMS tailor-made for multilingual game projects. The Memsource-Gridly integration allows game companies to localize game content faster, and benefit from advanced machine translation, language pivoting, and version control features.

The cooperation with Gridly allows Memsource to expand its offerings to the games industry and grow its customer base within the game localization vertical. Gridly CMS users will benefit from the translation management and automation capabilities of one of the leading TM systems in the market.

Gridly serves as a central hub for game asset management. It allows the creating, editing and storing of structured content, branch and merge datasets, and efficiently handles multilingual localization projects. Gridly enables localization via bridge (pivot) languages, which is a time- and cost-effective opportunity for translations from non-English source texts. Changes made in the source text will automatically be reflected in the target languages, with localization teams being notified about strings to retranslate. The Gridly-Memsource integration accelerates the translation of game projects with the content being exchanged between the CMS and TMS in one click.

Gridly users can leverage Memsource’s patented, state-of-the-art AI technology to increase translation quality while reducing costs. Its robust project management capabilities include flexible workflows, powerful machine translation management capabilities, extensive termbase and translation memory support, and LQA. Memsource’s powerful REST API makes it perfectly suited to integrate with gaming localization solutions.

The Memsource-Gridly connection allows customers to leverage key features of both tools, eliminate inconsistencies caused by managing translations in separated systems, and facilitate collaboration between localization and development teams, while keeping full control of content updates.

“In the past years, the games industry has experienced a major shift to a game-as-a-service content model. For our customers, this creates new localization challenges that include shorter production and QA cycles, faster turnaround time, and frequent updates. Our partnership with Gridly helps us extend Memsource’s service offering for the gaming sector with more automated and optimized agile localization workflows”
Andrea Tabacchi VP of Customer Success at Memsource.

“Since the launch of Gridly CMS in 2020, we’ve been adding more features and integrations requested by game developers and publishers. A number of our clients already use Memsource, thus Gridly-Memsource integration will further smooth their game assets management and localization processes. We plan to enable more integrations with game engines. This will empower production teams to create and operate games with evolving content for the global audience, with the ease and flexibility of a spreadsheet”
Christoffer Nilsson CEO of LocalizeDirect, the developers of Gridly

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