GameMaker Studio 2 enters MacOS open beta

GameMaker Studio 2, the successor to the immensely popular GameMaker Studio, has started an open beta for MacOS development.

The MacOS version of the game engine by Yo-Yo games is equal to the Windows and console versions, meaning that every upgrade, patch and license option is available for this version.

This also included the drag and drop system that allows anyone to create a game easily along the code box which translates everything you do into easily readable code, allowing beginners and students to learn what’s going on as they are coding.

Mac owners love video games just as much as PC or console owners

said general manager of YoYo Games, James Cox.

Bringing GameMaker Studio 2 to Mac will help us reach as many budding or expert developers as possible. With GMS2 we are eliminating the OS roadblock many developers find themselves behind when they want to focus on the Mac platform.

Just like the Windows version of the engine, developers can target multiple platforms including Windows Desktop, Mac OS X, Ubuntu, iOS, Android (including Android TV, Amazon Fire and Fire TV), Microsoft UWP, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

You can read more about the new features in GameMaker Studio 2 in our interview from GDC 2017.

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