Retail giant plotting to launch its own media streaming box to challenge Apple TV and Ouya

In Pictures: Amazon’s new game controller leaks

Amazon is working on its own gaming controller for use with an upcoming Apple TV competitor, according to leaked images that have surfaced online.

Found by Dave Zatz, the new peripheral is believed to work with an upcoming media streaming box, which Netflix and Hulu have already signed up to as content partners.

With Android as its backbone and the Amazon Appstore already stuffed with games, it makes sense for the company to release a device that allows users to play Android titles on their TV.

Built-in gaming functionality would also mean Amazon’s box will be yet more competition for microconsole’s Ouya and GameStick, which are having a tough time finding an audience in the crowded home entertainment market.

The Bluetooth controller, a less elegant cross between OnLive and the Steam Machine controllers, is charcoal black, with two analogue sticks, a D-pad and function buttons.

The centralised back and home buttons also resemble those found on an Amazon Kindle Fire.

See images of the controller below.

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