Support for latest mobile operating systems added as companies begins to wind down tools business

Marmalade 8.6 readies tech for iOS 10 and Android N launches

Marmalade Technologies has released the next update for its games development platform, geared towards the newest mobile devices.

Version 8.6 of the Marmalade Platform focuses on adding support for iOS 10 and Android N, as well as the usual bug fixes. The update is available to download now.

The company has confirmed that existing Marmalade apps should be compatible with iOS 10. However, if you’re using Xcode 8 in your game and targeting iOS 9 or earlier, you will need to update to Marmalade 8.6.

Meanwhile, the firm found a few compatibility issues with existing apps on Android N. Marmalade advices devs to check their own apps on an Android N device before deciding whether or not to update.

Additional changes include the introduction of support for custom mouse pointers in Windows Desktop games, support for the Org Vorbis audio format on Android and the ability to add files directly to a project via the Marmalade Hub. You can find out more in the release notes.

Earlier this week, Marmalade announced it would be ceasing support for its SDK next year, with version 8.8 scheduled to be the last update to the Platform.

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