Patents point to new PlayStation VR controllers

Patents are never a surefire indication of new products, but they can give insight into things going on behind the scenes. Thought processes and R&D focus, that sort of thing. Two recent patents delivered to the Japanese patent office by Sony Interactive Entertainment show interest in improving the ability for players to interact with virtual reality games.

Specifically, motion controllers that look much more akin to Vive and Oculus’ industry standard setting wands and less like Sony’s Move controllers. Crucially, these have analogue sticks, bridging the gap between the Move and the PS4 controller. The second patent, however, does away with controllers entirely and indicates plans for full finger tracking.

Last year Sony quietly updated the PlayStation VR, releasing essentially a v1.5 of the hardware that, among other small features, allowed for HDR passthrough for PS4 Pro owners. This indicates that, despite some industry naysaying on the growth of VR, Sony plans continued support for the device. Expectations are that we’ll see a PlayStation VR 2 by the end of 2018, a year after the 1.5 halfstep. Whether these controllers will come along for the ride is anybody’s guess.

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