The Tap Paradise Cove studio talks working with the new iOS porting tech

Pocket Gems on the power of Marmalade Juice

Tap Paradise Cove developer Pocket Gems has moved to praise the power of the new Marmalade Juice porting solution, which lets developers take iOS games to other platforms with minimal effort.

Pocket Gems worked with software company Marmalade as the latter put the final touches on Marmalade Juice, which lets iOS developers looking to target other platforms do so by allowing them to recompile Objective-C and native OS APIs, previously only usable on iOS and Mac, all within the Marmalade SDK. Thereafter users can take their applications and deploy them directly to Android, as well as numerous other Marmalade-supported platforms such as Mac desktop, BlackBerry and selected smart TVs, all while using their original iOS code.

“Pocket Gems worked closely with the Marmalade team to build, test, and release the first version of Tap Paradise Cove on Google Play and the Amazon Appstore,” stated Arjun Dayal, Pocket Gems Android product lead, talking to Develop for a feature published today that focuses on what Marmalade Juice brings to the table.

“The ability to manage a single code base and deploy to multiple platforms is very powerful,” Dayal later added. “It saves engineering time, debugging time, and allows developers to focus more on the overall player experience instead of bug and feature differences between the platforms. Cross-platform development is an important step for the industry.”

Marmalade hopes its tech can contribute to freeing developers from the often prohibitive cost and effort of porting a game from iOS, which before Marmalade Juice often meant wholly rewriting a given game.

To read our full feature, which details the collaboration between Marmalade and Pocket Gems while looking at the potential of Marmalade Juice, click here.

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