Fighting game shut down as team transitions onto new project, but Stonehearth development will continue

Riot Games acquires Rising Thunder dev Radiant

Radiant Entertainment, the indie studio founded by fighting game vets Tom and Tony Cannon, has been purchased by League of Legends creator Riot Games.

Radiant was founded in 2013, and has since been working on two titles: Free-to-play brawler Rising Thunder and crowdfunded title Stonehearth, which came to Early Access.

Announcing the acquisition, the Cannons said that Rising Thunder, which had been in an alpha state for months, will “permanently” shut down on March 18th as the team moves onto a new project.

Meanwhile, Stonehearth “will go on, full speed ahead”.

“We’ll continue delivering alphas at our current pace, with the aim of delivering the final game ‘when it’s ready’,” explained Tom and Tony in a joint statement.

“We’ll continue keeping you up to date on our progress through things like our Twitch streams and Desktop Tuesday blog posts.

“As for Rising Thunder, the team will start work on a new game that we’re incredibly excited about. We wish we could say more now, but rest assured you’ll hear more when the time is right."

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