Yet a studio handover remains possible with Vancouver focused on Max Payne 3

Rumour: Rockstar Vancouver developing Bully 2

Rumours are surfacing across multiple news outlets that Rockstar’s Vancouver studio is developing the sequel to the 2006 title Bully.

Shawn Lee, who worked on the soundtrack to the original Bully title, revealed the existence of Bully 2 in an interview with consumer site TheGamingLiberty.

“It looks like I will be doing the soundtrack for Bully 2 in the not so distant future,” he said.

It is currently unclear is Rockstar Vancouver could logistically begin work on such a key IP.

The studio – which is thought to hold less than 100 staff – is currently approaching the crunch phase on Max Payne 3, which itself will be released mid-2010.

Rockstar has a suite of studios which could take on the project. Develop is contacting the groups involved for comment.

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