Tim Schafer says Sony asked what his studio wants from its next-gen console

Schafer: Double Fine toying with PS4

Consumer favorite and Kickstarter legend Tim Schafer says Double Fine has been approached by Sony about PS4 development.

The studio has been in headlines constanly since it took to Kickstarter last year and started a craze that has opened doors for many small to mid-sized studios.

With all the media buzz around the San Francisco team, it’s little wonder that Sony would want Double Fine to back its new console.

 “Let me just say we’ve been talking with Sony, can I say that? I don’t know, I think I might get in trouble,” Schafer told the Official Playstation Magazine.

“We’ve already got some guys playing with some of the new features to see what we can do with it."

That Sony would approach a studio like Double Fine shows just how much clout the team has garnered in the past year – and how important it is for the company to get third parties on board.

"This is one of the first times where we’ve been approached by a platform holder like Sony and asked, ‘first, what do you guys want from this new box?" said Schafer.

Double Fine isn’t the only small team Sony’s targeting either.

Braid creator Jon Blow made an important appearance at the PS4 launch event, signifying that Sony isn’t unaware of the debt it owes small studios and Indies.

When asked what he thought about this strategy, Schafer said it wasn’t that hard to win over developers: all console makers had to do was stop acting crazy.

“Yeah, I mean it’s not that hard to win over developers because all we want is to be treated with just a little bit of reason," he said.

"Because often you just get told the most unreasonable, crazy things and you’re like ‘really? That’s how you’re going to treat us?’ Just doing things like letting us patch our games when we want to, put our games on sale and release our games in territories that they should be released in – just doing a few things like that can make a developer very enamored of you”.

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