Anthony Matchett tells us about the extensive services offer by this audio production house

Services Spotlight: Wave Studios

Wave Studios provides all-inclusive audio productions for developers both large and small.

Founded in 1999, by award-winning sound designers Warren Hamilton and Johnnie Burn, Wave has built a strong reputation in the filmmaking and advertising sectors. In 2010, it opened a dedicated gaming division to handle developers’ sound design requirements.

“Our extensive experience with different types of media, be it film, TV, radio or design give us a unique perspective on sound design and creativity,” Wave’s head of game audio Anthony Matchett tells us.

“We’re lucky enough to have some of the most creative and highly-awarded sound designers on our staff. Their passion and experience helps us to remain a step ahead of our competition.”

Its services include casting, voiceover recording, on-location recording, facial performance capture, talent direction, creative direction, sound design, mixing and implementation.

Recently, Wave has provided full audio services to Microsoft Soho Productions for both seasons of Kinect Sesame Street TV, which included all aspects of audio production for the title. Audio work that has also earn it a Develop Award nomination for two year running to date.

“We understand the differences between linear and interactive material, yet, at the same time, our team of producers leverage their experience in film and TV when dealing with production budgets, scheduling and pipelines. Our aim is to provide a smoother, more efficient and higher quality service,” says Matchett.

“Secondly, our size has great benefits when it comes to capacity. At our building in Soho we currently have eight studios, each with individual recording booths. We also have another three studios at our complex in Amsterdam. Personally, I don’t know of any other audio providers in London, or the UK for that matter, that can provide the industry with as large a scope for recording and sound design as we do.”

In providing its audio expertise, Wave uses a variety of tools and custom technology, including ProTools and Nuendo for recording and design, and Wwise for implementation. Currently, it’s working on some several projects ranging from mobile to triple-A next-gen titles for various developers.

Wave is in the process of refurbishing its London building as well as looking at expansion possibilities outside of its existing European studio in Amsterdam. And on the digital-end, its website is due to be refreshed too.

“Often the thought process behind outsourcing varies from client to client,” concludes Matchett.

“Some of our clients lack audio staff within their studio; obviously, in situations such as this the value we bring is clear. In essence, we become their external audio department.

“In other instances, our clients are looking for a higher quality of audio than they are currently achieving in-house, or they are looking to compliment their existing audio team with our services.

“Something that we are hearing much more from our clients is that they are hoping to create a more cinematic experience with their titles. Although that particular statement is often contravened by the nature of interactivity, our pedigree with TV and film helps us maintain a fresh creative outlook and style.”

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