Independent game studio suffers staff cuts after work on Disney Infinity, The Elder Scrolls Online

Sleepy Giant lays off 18 employees

Chicago-based developer Sleepy Giant has cut 18 jobs following the completion of some high-profile projects.

The studio specialises in technology, such as the Fofofum development tool and back-end support software Giantbacked, but it has also assisted with the development of Disney Infinity and Elder Scrolls Online, according to GamesBeat.

Sleepy Giant is now working on new technology, which is due to be announced in the next few weeks.

The studio told GamesBeat: "Some of our projects like Disney Infinity, Elder Scrolls Online and Orcs Must Die 3 are coming to an end with regards to the technology side and as such we have let some people go that were on those teams two weeks ago, which was roughly 18 folks, but we are still employing a good healthy company of around 50 people."

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