Develop's fortnight-long special begins with a look at the sector and the start of our top-10 game engines countdown

SPOTLIGHT: Game engines in focus

Today marks the start of Develop’s two-week focus on game engines and the studios that create them.

First up is an in-depth overview that looks across the sector and asks what engine developers are doing to make their products stand out from the crowd. The feature also looks to the future of engine development, and the potential of the mobile platforms.

“Obviously iPhone stuff is very big right now, but new mobile platforms are likely to emerge, and they won’t be easy to develop games for," said Brett Seyler of GarageGames, which makes the Torque 3D engine. "Companies like Zynga and Playfish are doing great with just Flash technology for games on Facebook. The industry is just starting taking note of this space, but the potential is pretty limitless.”

Develop’s fortnight-long focus also offers a top 10 of game engines, to help you decide on the best choice of tech for your next project. Starting today with Torque 3D, which takes the number-10 slot, a new entrant will be revealed every weekday until Friday, June 26th, so remember to check back and see what tech has made the countdown.

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